Upcoming Workshops
with Paul Chek

We have lots of great workshops planned for 2024, both in-person and online. We hope to meet you at one of them.

August 30 & 31

Beyond Ego Into Soul Guidance

(in-person and online)

One theme that comes up regularly when people ask Paul a question is, how do you get guidance from your soul? How do you really know it is your soul giving you advice, and not your ego chiming in?

In this 2-day workshop Paul will share with you the techniques and practices that he has used for more than two decades to “tune in” to the voice of his soul. You’ll learn how to still yourself – including that pesky mind! – to enable you to listen to your inner guidance.

November 15 & 16

Power Animals & Spirit Guides for Life Guidance


Power animals and spirit guides may seem like pretty far out concepts for those who have not experienced them directly. In actual fact, they are not that mysterious! Power animals and spirit guides are ways of relating to nature and higher consciousness.

They are archetypes or original concepts, and historical evidence suggests that human beings have been engaging power animals and spirit guides since shamanism, mythology and religion began.

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